Biographie (Deutsche Version)

Her companions are extraordinary talent and above-average intelligence. Inna Panasenko finished school in Krasnodar (northern Caucasus) at the age of 17 and then studied fashion at her hometown university. After two semesters, the young woman made a momentous decision. The young student emigrated. Even though she could speak only Russian and English, Germany was the destination that would open up new perspectives..

She mastered German almost accent-free within an astoundingly short space of time. Even more: At the Kunsthochschule in Kassel she passed the exam for the specially talented. Inna Panasenko studied visual communication. Her sensitive perceptibility and the astounding implementation quality of her creative ideas set standards.

In a breathtaking manner, her examination piece for the Kunsthochschule in Kassel aimed to reflect the tragedy of the bullfighting arena. Before the eyes of her professors and fellow students she constructed a paper wall in a semi-circle, 15 metres long and 2.2 metres high. The backdrop consisted of 15 elements screwed together. On this she painted dancing, powerful, battle-ready and jumping bulls. When it got dark, the excellently designed bull formations suddenly went up in flames.

Pyro-technicians from Frankfurt had prepared the paper walls accordingly. Nothing remained after the fire. “It was like in the Corrida. At the end, no bulls remained there either”.

Inna Panasenko graduated from the Kunsthochschule Kassel with the highest grade and with distinction.

After her studies she remained true to the bull. She made repeated visits to Spain. Like a behavioural scientists she wanted to understand all facets of its character. In studies and perfected paintings she dedicated herself alternately to the communicative accord between the herd animals, and then to the temperament of individual bulls.

She was invited to exhibitions in Frankfurt and was commissioned to complete pieces in Bregenz. But she had not yet reached her goal of becoming a freelance artist. For a while, a contact in Düsseldorf brought her together with a nationally-active gallery. This presented the painter with a stage from Sylt to Constance, upon which she attained undivided admiration.

But she not only presented monumental pictures of bulls in the varieties of dancing, battle- ready, strong-willed and suffering. Her own individual performances at exhibitions gave the impression that Inna Panasenko was dancing with and whispering to bulls, creating a symbiosis between the artist and her art. With her painting shows she remains unrivalled in Germany.

Just as the great Pablo Picasso once gave characteristic form to a bull with only a few brushstrokes on a large pane of glass, Inna Panasenko also makes the powerful being appear vitally on a demonstration wall with her own characteristically sure style. She captures the wide-ranging reality of her favourite subjects: a deathly frenzy in the Corrida is countered with the grace of a dancer.

Art publishers provided the bulls of the artist and designer, who now lives and works in Berlin, worldwide resonance. Her paintings have found their way to Shanghai, New York, Florida, Switzerland, Israel, Moscow, and many other locations. Since they grant the colossi of the arena such physical and psychological transparency, the contents of her pictures convince and reap worldwide recognition.

Inna Panasenko, who has now been freelance for many years, has triggered an equally unmistakeable echo of approval with another motif. In the painting series “Stilettos” the Berlin artist demonstrates an artistic format with burlesque flair and technical brilliance. She defines high heels, in whose recesses champagne and strawberries slosh, as a trademark of optical eroticism. The overly long, pointed heels and extravagant shoe forms literally bring erotically- charged men to their knees.

At the same time, and in a charming manner, Inna Panasenko makes no secret of the fact that “Stilettos” straighten women up so tremendously, that men become midgets. The lords of creation have no other option but to stand on their tip-toes, unnoticed in the rain.

Irony as a medium in figurative art: With her “Stilettos”, Inna Panasenko provides outstanding examples that at the same time prove her rich imagination and painting perfection.

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